Global Product Control

Doerfer International GMBH

Who are we?

GPC Doerfer works market survey services. His appearance, we talked to many that this Survey and proved its necessity in the modern conditions of life and business. His many years of successful existence and prosperity, we reiterated our viability as a company and achieved recognition of our customers. We respect and appreciate them and do everything to make this relationship was mutual.

From past to present

Our primary goal is professional and impartial conduct of survey inspections and timely submission of information to the client with a view to effectively address the problems associated with its property (whether the cargo, property or other assets).

Why work

Our experience - more than 12 years working with various types of cargo.
Wide service area (it is possible to carry out inspections at several stages of the carriage of goods).
Modern and professional approach to work: setting up a system for processing orders and run reports.
Ability to provide timely information on inspections, completeness of information, survey report is available in the desired language
flexibility and openness in relations with partners, trust and support.
The high quality of customer service and work performed.

Do not well in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment.

Our history

How it all began